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Autism provision & SEN

The Ravenscroft Autism Provision aims to ensure that:

Pupils with autism explore, connect and contribute!

  • pupils with autism are happy, confident and included in every area of school life
  • all pupils access and explore a multi-sensory learning environment (indoor and outdoor) that is attractive, friendly and safe
  • class teachers and supporting staff are trained and experienced in meeting the needs of pupils with autism
  • staff teams work in partnership with families and carers
  • a specialist autism teacher and therapists work with teams to assess the pupil’s specific needs and provide appropriate interventions and advice 
  • pupils with autism build strong relationships with staff and have a real sense of shared responsibility
  • all staff reflect on how children communicate through behaviour, and respond flexibly and creatively to challenges
  • pupils with autism contribute to, and enjoy being part of, the wider community

As a pupil with autism at Ravenscroft Primary School, I can expect to...

  • be welcomed and appreciated as a valued member of my class
  • enjoy and explore the world around me, both in school and on visits
  • take part in curriculum activities that are purposeful and meaningful for me
  • develop ways of communicating and interacting with others that are mutually effective and enjoyable
  • learn how to regulate my sensory and emotional needs
  • be given every opportunity to become an independent learner
  • be creative and imaginative, motivated by my interests and self-confidence
  • use technology and lots of different resources and locations to enhance my learning
  • be supported to develop socially, morally, emotionally and physically
  • feel included and understood and know that my opinions count


Please click here for the SEN Parent's Information Pack


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