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  • CORANAVIRUS UPDATE - Please click here for the latest information (19/5/20) on our response to Coronavirus.  Click here for the Parents' Factsheet (19/5/20).


The School Day

R-Y6: 9.00am-3.00 pm (with 45 minutes lunch break)
Nursery: morning 8.45am-11.45pm, afternoon 12.00pm-3-00pm

We offer a 'soft start' to the day for pupils from Reception through to Year 6. This means that pupils will go into their classes as they arrive from 8.50am onwards.  Staff will be in class to welcome them, and they will have independent activities that they can work on before the register.  This will lead to a calmer and more productive start to the day. 


Our children are keen and enthusiastic to learn and if for any reason your child is unhappy or sick we need to know about it. We expect our children to be punctual and to attend every session, unless there is good reason. Holidays in term time will not be authorised except in exceptional circumstances.

School Meals

Our school lunches are healthy and tasty; we provide a wide choice for our multi ethnic community including halal and vegetarian options.  Children are encouraged to eat balanced meals and a salad bar and fresh fruit are always available.

School meals are free for all pupils but pupils may bring a packed lunch.  Whatever kind of lunch is chosen, we ensure that children are eating properly and we discuss any concerns with parents/carers.

Please visit the Healthy Schools page to see our menus.

Medical Matters

  • Make sure you inform the school if you change address, telephone numbers or emergency contact names or numbers. If your child is unwell we will need to get in touch!
  • If you suspect your child is unwell, make an appointment with the doctor.
  • Check your child regularly for headlice. Seek guidance from your pharmacist for the best treatment available.
  • If you would like medical advice let your child's teacher know and we will ask the school nurse to investigate.
  • Inform the school if your child has been unwell, this ensures your child receives a mark for attendance.
  • Children are expected to self administer (under adult supervision) daily medication for medical conditions such as asthma,
  • All inhalers are stored centrally in an accessible place and must be clearly labelled.

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