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Inclusive Learning

As a school we work hard to support children's holistic development and remove barriers to achievement so that all pupils can participate fully in the life of the school.

To do this, we

  • Set suitable learning challenges.
  • Respond to pupils' diverse learning needs.
  • Value all students and staff equally.
  • Increase the participation of students in (and reduce their exclusion from), the culture, curriculum and community of school.
  • View the difference between students as resources to support learning, rather than as problems to be overcome.
  • We have a resourced provision for pupils on the autistic spectrum.


Many of our pupils are with us from Nursery to Year 6 but we warmly welcome the pupils who join us at different stages in their school career.  Of the children currently on roll, 65.2% of them speak English as an Additional Language (EAL).  Additionally, some of our pupils that join us mid-phase are new to English.  We give these newly admitted pupils special consideration and plan a personalised integration with staff and peers.  To further support pupils integrating into Ravenscroft and help them access a curriculum that meets their needs and promotes inclusion, we have a specifically allocated a member of staff who is trained to deliver targeted EAL interventions.  Pupils that receive this targeted support have personalised targets that are reviewed regularly.  Staff are supported to deliver an inclusive provision that assists the development of pupils' learning needs.  We have high expectations of all our pupils and we expect them to achieve the highest possible standards.

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