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The Boleyn Trust

Ravenscroft Primary School is part of the Boleyn Trust which is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales under company number 10488603.  The registered office is: Boleyn Trust, Tollgate Primary School, Barclay Road, London E13 8SA.


The aims of The Trust are:

  • To deliver the highest expectations and outcomes for pupils in disadvantaged communities;
  • To share resources across our schools to provide best value services;
  • To offer staff excellent personal and professional development opportunities across our schools;
  • To offer parents outstanding school choices to nurture pride and aspiration in our communities.


The Boleyn Trust has an established Teaching School offering strategic support to schools across London.  It also has the East London School Centred Initial Teaching facility to train over 50 teachers each year.


The Boleyn Trust is directly funded by the Department of Education and is accountable through rigorous scrutiny by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and Ofsted.


Further information about the Boleyn Trust and its family of schools can be found by clicking here.



Local Governance

Ravenscroft Primary School has a Local Governing Body.  The role of Local Governing Body is an important one.  It is to provide focused governance for the School at a local level and it is in the intention of the Trust Board to ensure that the responsibility to govern the school is vested in those closest to the impact of decision-making.  The Local Governing Body monitors the School's key performance indicators and acts as a critical friend to the Head Teacher and the School's senior leadership team, providing challenge where appropriate.

Local Governing Bodies carry out their functions in relation to their respective School on behalf of the Trust Board and in accordance with policies determined by the Trust Board.  The act of delegation from the Trust Board to the Local Governing Body's is a delegation of power and duties, and not a delegation or shredding of responsibilities.


Please click here for details of the members of our Local Governing Body.



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