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Chinese Culture

Chinese Cooking          

Chinese Cooking

Pupils have the chance to cook traditional Chinese food such as steamed dumplings, chicken and potatoes and sweet and sour chicken.



Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is widely practiced in China along with ink and wash painting, it is regarded as an art form.  It focuses not only on methods of writing but also on cultivating one's character.


knot making

Knot Making

Chinese knotting is a decorative handicraft art that began as a form of folk art.  Decorations are normally red in colour, traditionally regarded as a symbol of good luck.


 Tai Chi

 Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art practiced for its health benefits and defense training.  It is especially known for its relatively slow movements.


Kung fu 

 Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art, traditionally taught as a method of self-defense.  Children will have the opportunity to learn beginner movements of this ancient art.


 paper cutting original

Paper Cutting

The art of paper-cutting is one of the most important forms of Chinese folk art.  Usually the artworks are made of red paper as red is associated with festivities in Chinese Culture.  Normally, paper-cutting artwork is used for Spring Festival, weddings and the birth of a child. Paper-cuttings always symbolizes luck and happiness.



Chinese Dance

Chinese Dancing

Dance in China is a highly varied art form, consisting of many modern and traditional dance genres. The dances cover a wide range, from folk dances to performances in opera and ballet, and may be used in public celebrations, rituals and ceremonies.  The best known Chinese dances today are the Dragon Dance and the Lion Dance.


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