Latest News
  • Welcome to Ravenscroft Primary School
  • Our Child of the Term for Year 6 are going to celebrate at Carluccio's Restaurant in Canary Wharf on Monday,
  • Year 4 are visiting Margate this week.
  • Year 6 are going to Broadstairs on Wednesday.
  • Year 5 are visiting Royal Docks School on Wednesday to experience a day in a secondary school.
  • Year 2 are going to West Ham Park on Thursday.
  • We have our Governor's Prize Giving Awards on Friday - Congratulations to all the winners!
  • Our annual Tennis Tournament is being held on Monday!
  • 3S Class are taking part in a Dance Mats competition on Tuesday at Cumberland School - Good Luck!

Debating Society

We have a thriving Debating Society which is part of the DEBATEMATE programme and is highly successful in local and regional competitions.  Debating is an excellent chance for pupils to develop:


  • public speaking skills
  • the ability to develop arguments and respond to arguments made by others
  • self-confidence
  • team work
  • research and literacy skills
  • the confidence to meet and compete against children from other schools


The pupils take part in debating competitions and receive coaching from skilled debaters.  They also have the opportunity to visit prestigious venues throughout the year – previous visits include the Saatchi Gallery, the RAC Club and the Royal Geographical Society.


Debating not only helps to equip our pupils with vital skills such as verbal intelligence and higher order thinking skills but also helps to raise their expectations and aspirations for the future.

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